Job for the models
in St.Petersburg

Feedback from the models
about their work in studio

Irina, 24

I came to Herzog from another studio as the relationship with the admin there wasn`t very good :( I liked the working conditions in Herzog: the money is good here and the administration is adequate. The only thing that was questionable is that among the girls there were also BOYS working. I didn`t want such neighborhood much, as it was unusual. As a result, I was very surprise with how nice all the staff members were. I realized that when the girls are mixed with the boys, the atmosphere is absolutely different. There are no these usual girls quarrels.

Maria, 21

I was asked to write a feedback, so here it is :) I remember the day when I called to the studio ... the phone talk wasn`t very welcoming. When I came to the studio, I realized that it was just very tired administrator on the phone with me :) At the job interview I had a detailed explanation and answers to all my questions. Now everything is all right. Whenever there is some problem, admins always help. In the studio, a calm and comfortable environment, separate rooms and no one interferes with my personal space.

Artem, 18

We came here with a friend for a laugh : ) We arrived from Murmansk. We were looking for a job for almost a month. When we were going for the job interview, we were sure that it was another fraud (especially when we were told that they will employ us without the registration). There is a daily payment in the studio, and I thought if they hadn`t paid me on the first day, I would have left immediately. They paid! I have been working here for half a year, and I am happy about everything. It is very convenient that I can choose the working hours. It is also cool that the salary is counted in US dollars, which is very important today. My friend has decided against working here is not for him, but he met here super cool girl )))

Andrey, 19

I have been working in the studio for almost a year. This work is not usual, of course. But it helped me to move out of an awful communal flat. Now we rent a two-roomed flat in the city center.

Another thing I am very grateful to the studio is that in 4 months I was able to figure out the problem with military service card :)