Job for the webcam models
in St.Petersburg

The questions about the work in webcam studio Herzog

We have collected the question to the most frequent questions about the studio. If you still have doubts, call the studio, and the experienced administrators will answer all your questions.

What is the working schedule and is it possible to work and study at the same time?

The schedule is flexible:

07:00-13:00 (6 hours)
13:00-18:00 (5 hours)
18:00-23:00 (5 hours)
23:00-07:00 (8 hours)

There is a possibility to combine day and night shifts. You make your schedule yourself, so every week it can be different. Thanks to this, you can work and study at the same time or combine work with other things.

It is important for us:

  1. For you to have minimum 5 shifts a week. While the number of days could be 3, for example. If you, for example, have two shifts a day (e.g. morning+day). In general the models can work 25 hours a week, which is much less that a usual working week at most jobs.
  2. For you not to change the shifts after they were approved.

Do you guaranty the confidentiality of personal information?

The studio works only with foreign sites, so the chance that someone recognize you is very slim. It is possible to block the access to the profile to Russian users. The studio doesn't disclose the personal information of the models.

What does the job consist of?

The work as a model will help you to meet different people from all over the world, earn good money and have a good practice of communication in English. We work with the biggest entertainment videochats from Europe and USA : Flirt4free, LiveJasmin, Streamate, MyFreeCams, Chaturbate. Models that don't speak English can work with interpreter.

How the communication goes: in front of the model's computer is a camera that project the image in real time. The visitor of the site can see the model and can chat with her. The communication is mostly in English. Often the clients just want to talk to the attractive model, but they can ask to dance a strip dance or erotic show. The requests can be different, but the important point is that the model can stop communication and close the chat at any moment.

Is there probation period?

The first week of work we view as a probation: you need to schedule your shifts for the whole week at once, you can work a shift and get payed. You will be able to understand if you feel comfortable working in this sphere, while we can see if you have a potential for earning money.

What kind of requirements for the models do you have?

We are interested in girls and boys with good communication skills over 18. If you live in St. Petersburg, look after yourself and able to keep a conversation, you can become a successful model in Herzog studio. The knowledge of English is not crucial, but can increase the money you make.

Do you hire guys?

Yes. And the guys earn not less than girls.

How do the rooms equipped?

The success of the model depends on the quality of the image, that is why we use only professional cameras Logitech C920 and powerful computers with the high-speed internet. In the rooms, there is a well-chosen lightning and well-thought interior, the air conditioners keep the temperature in the rooms comfortable. The admins are always ready to help, in case there are some problems with the website and the chat. You can see the interiors using the virtual tour.

Do you help the models without experience?

We have trainings where we teach how to work in video chat. We will explain the rules of the sites, will advise how to behave for the person you are talking to like you. We will help you to choose the clothes and your style. We will provide you with a translator, if you need one.

During the first month of work you will have a professional photo shoot, as the first thing the client sees on the site is the profile picture of the model. The studio is interested in the personal growth and progress of the model, so the administrators are always ready to answer any questions and give an advice.

Why do you continue to hire models?

We believe that the quality of the models is more important than the quantity. That is why we always search for the talented and active people who are able and want to earn more money.

What job opportunities are also available in your studio?

At the moment except the webcam models, you can also try yourself at the position of the operator-translator or agent searching for new models.

Is it possible to work at your agency with the translator?

Of course. You can inform the administrator at the interview that you need a translator, and we will provide you with one.

What are the studio conveniences?

All the rooms are isolated. We have a clean and cigarette smoke free environment, as we have a separate room for smoking, and the cleaning lady comes every day. There is also a comfortable kitchen in the studio, shower with all the toiletries and two toilets. You can see the studio interiors in more details in the virtual tour.

When will I receive the first salary and how much can I earn?

During the first week we pay daily, after that the salary is paid once a week. Models have different level of income — some earn 40 thousand rubles a month, but there are some who earn more than 200 thousand rubles. Moreover, the sites pay in US dollars, and if the rate goes up, your salary in rubles goes up as well.

What bonuses and opportunities the studio have for the models?

We have a wide range of bonuses: help in choosing hairstyles and clothes, possibility to have a snack in the cozy kitchen, take a shower etc. Moreover, we teach how to work in video chat. And we also help with the clothes for work, which is made specially for you.

How long before you can start to work?

Before you start working, you have the full introduction to the sites and the rules they have. Give you the recommendation about your image and make the photos. Usually it takes 1-2 days before you start working, it all depends on your free time and your willingness.

Do you organize corporate parties and outings?

We celebrate the birthday of the studio and other holidays, and also organize corporate trips and teambuilding.

How to earn more money?

We have four components of success:

  1. Your appearance and how much do you want to improve it.
  2. English language. When you we hire you, we provide you with 250 words most frequently used in chats. If you learn them, it will be enough for you to work. But you must understand that if you want to earn more, you must be ready to learn English in more depth.
  3. Attending the trainings both for new models and for more experienced models. You need trainings to feel more easy in the video chat.
  4. Brain and hard work.

Are there are case when the model can't earn money? And why does it happen?

Yes, it happens. The reasons are laziness, rudeness in the chat, when you look tired, inability to look after yourself and appear the right way. Unwillingness to learn language also prevents from the good income.